Liability Reports

A medico-legal report on Breach of Duty is a comprehensive document prepared by qualified healthcare experts to assess whether a professional has breached their duty of care to a patient. This report is a critical component in cases of clinical negligence providing an impartial evaluation of the standard of care provided by the healthcare practitioner.

Key Components:

  1. Case Background: The report begins by outlining the details of the case, including the patient's medical history, the nature of the treatment or intervention in question, and the circumstances surrounding the alleged breach of duty.

  2. Clinical Assessment: A thorough clinical assessment is conducted to evaluate the standard of care provided by the healthcare professional. This may involve reviewing medical records, diagnostic tests, and other relevant documentation.

  3. Expert Opinion: Based on the clinical assessment, the medical expert provides their expert opinion on whether the healthcare professional adhered to the appropriate standard of care. They assess whether the actions taken were in line with accepted medical practices and guidelines.

  4. Identification of Breach: The report identifies any deviations from the standard of care that may constitute a breach of duty on the part of the healthcare professional. This could include errors in diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures, medication management, or failure to provide adequate follow-up care.

  5. Causation Analysis: The report also considers the causal relationship between any breaches of duty identified and the patient's subsequent harm or injury. It examines whether the breach directly contributed to the adverse outcome experienced by the patient.

  6. Conclusions and Recommendations: Finally, the report concludes with a summary of findings and recommendations. This may include suggestions for further investigation, expert testimony in legal proceedings, or recommendations for improving patient safety and quality of care.

Why Choose AMG Consultancy Services:

At AMG Consultancy Services, our team of experienced medical experts specialises in preparing medico-legal reports on Breach of Duty. With a wealth of clinical expertise and a commitment to impartiality and accuracy, we provide reliable assessments to support legal proceedings and ensure fair outcomes for all parties involved.

Expert Liability Reports

Our team of clinical experts offers comprehensive liability reports that delve into breach of duty, causation, condition, and prognosis. With expertise spanning various domains, including general nursing, health visiting, tissue viability, midwifery, accident and emergency nursing, manual handling, occupational therapy, mental health, and more, we're equipped to address a wide range of medico-legal challenges.

Thorough Assessment and Analysis

At AMG Consultancy Services, we pride ourselves on conducting thorough assessments aligned with national guidelines, policies, and procedures. Our experts meticulously evaluate the facts of each case within their specialised fields, ensuring a knowledgeable, educated, and independent opinion based on their extensive experience and qualifications.

Compliance and Standards

Rest assured, all our liability reports for the Court adhere strictly to CPR Part 35 compliance standards. With a commitment to accuracy, integrity, and professionalism, we provide robust documentation that serves as a valuable resource in legal proceedings.

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assorted books on wooden table